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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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b breaking tonight, we are live in cleveland, where the eyes of the nation will be focused all this week as republicans prepare to nominate donald trump to the highest office in the land. hello and welcome to this special two-hour edition of "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro live from cleveland, ohio. thanks for being with us. now, it won't formally start until monday, but the convention hall is ready. and the big names are already pouring into town. this week, donald trump will accept the republican nomination for president of the united
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states right here in cleveland. and today mr. trump ended the speculation about who will join him on that road to the white house. here are some of the highlights of trump's announcement naming indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. >> i found a lead here will help us deliver a safe society and a prosperous, really prosperous society for all americans. indiana governor mike pence was my first choice. mike pence is a man of honor, character and honesty. we know that. hillary clinton is the embodiment of corruption. she's a corrupt person. what a difference between crooked hillary clinton and mike pence. [ applause ] mike pence will never be afraid to speak the name of our enemy,
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radical islam, radical islamic terrorism. >> i thank donald trump for the confidence you've placed in us and i accept your invitation to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. >> americans can choose a leader who will fight to make america safe and prosperous again, and bring real change. or we can elect someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in washington, d.c. seven and a half years of barack obama and hillary clinton's policies have weakened america's place in the world and stifled our nation's economy. terrorist attacks at home and abroad. grim and heartbreaking scenes from france, just a few short days ago. the attempted coup in turkey, all attest to a world spinning
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apart. for the sake of our security, for the sake of our prosperity, for the sake of a supreme court that will never turn its back on our god-given liberties, let's come together. as party and a people as a movement to make america great again, and that day begins when donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states of america! >> joining me now by phone, eric trump, executive vice president at the trump organization, and son of soon to be republican nominee for president, donald trump. good evening, eric. >> judge, how are you? >> i am well. how are you guys feeling today? >> it was an amazing day. the governor, mike pence, he's such a wonderful guy. i've gotten to know him. we spent a lot of time together this week and he's an amazing
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guy and he'll do a great job on the campaign. and i don't think my father could have a better person by his side. >> you know, eric, he is a favorite among conservatives and republican party insiders. but at the same time, mike pence is not from a swing state. and initially endorsed ted cruz, although to be fair at the same time, he gave your dad incredible kudos. what does he actually bring to the ticket? >> the last six months i've been saying to people that my father wasn't going to pick somebody who would carry a state for him. he was going to pick someone who was immensely confident to represent the people of our country, that quite frankly hasn't been represented well at all by our politicians. and you know, if you look at indiana, it's got a aaa bond rating. one of the best of any state in the nation. they had one of the largest tax decreases of any state in the country. in fact, under pence taxes went down every single year he was governor of the state. they added 186,000 jobs in the state. they have one of the lowest
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unemployments. when he went in it was close to 9% unemployment. now it's under 4%. one of the largest hikes in educational spending, which has proven to be great for the state. the list goes on and on. i mean, all the things my father has been talking about for the last year he's done himself and he's done a tremendous job and indiana is doing incredible. and that's why, you know, mike pence is ultimately his running mate. he wants to do the very same things for this nation. >> what's interesting, i think your dad said all along he wants someone who is more the politician, more kind of the washington insider, beltway kind of candidate, and mike pence certainly brings that with his foreign policy experience on the armed services committee. along with his congressional experience, and his experience as a chief executive and a $2 billion surplus in indiana.
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but now that your father has solidified the right, does he need to move more left to get independents? >> listen, i don't know about that. i mean, i think my father's been clear on this platform. his platform is all about jobs, it's all about national security. keeping this country safe, taking care of debts. taking a country that's ranked 30th in the world in terms of our education, you know, and vastly increasing that. that's really the message of america first, put america ahead of other countries. the $500 billion imbalance with china. you see the $80 billion trade imbalance with mexico. he wants to have great trade deals, that's just platform. he's been very, very clear about it, and that's his platform. i don't think he's altering -- >> a lot of people, eric -- sorry. go ahead. >> i don't think he's moving off that in any regards. he wants to put america first again and that's ultimately why he's running. >> you know, a lot of people are saying that, you know, his
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temperament, mike pence's temperament and his tone is very even keel, and provides a great balance, but i want you to listen to what senator elizabeth warren tweeted today, talking about, i think we have that -- you know, that they're a perfect match. two small, insecure men. is this woman now going to be the pitbull for the hillary clinton campaign? >> listen, one thing i can tell you about mike pence, he's not insecure. he was a united states marine, he's an incredibly tough guy, and he's a great guy too. you can sit down with somebody at a table and instantly know if they're a quality person. i can tell you, he is a quality person. his wife is a quality person. i mean, they are really amazing, amazing people. and you know, i think she's got her own problems and yeah, she'll probably be the pitbull for hillary and probably hillary needs that, but no better person could be on the ticket. he's a truly quality man and my father is a quality mean. he's the greatest.
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he's doing this for all the right reasons. he's doing this to solve the problems that politicians like hillary clinton created. and you know, that's exactly why he's running. >> quickly, before we go, i'm very excited. we're here in cleveland. what can we expect at the trump convention? >> it's going to be great. going to be great. i'm speaking, melania is speaking, don's speaking. melania's speaking, as you know. there's a lot of private sector people speaking. i mean, the list has been incredible. the amount of people that were calling our family, can we please speak at the convention, and these are big, big names. we've got an amazing convention lined up. it's going to be entertaining. it's going to be different. it's going to be very -- there's going to be a lot of audiovisual. there's going to be a lot of technology incorporated into it. it's really going to be fantastic. and listen, i think there's also going to be a lot of heart in there. here i am. i'm going to speak about my father and the man he is and the father he's been to me. and ivanka and don will do the same thing. it's going to be an amazing convention, judge.
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>> all right, eric, we're looking forward to it. cleveland is very excited. i can tell you that. eric trump, thanks so much. >> can't wait to get there. see you soon. >> my next guest is livid over president obama's reaction to the latest horrific terror attack in nice, france. take a listen to this. >> i'm done trying to convince our president to actually define this enemy. we know what it is. it's radical islamic terrorism. they are vicious, they're barbaric. they are on the march. if you -- and i'm sorry. i'm on a roll because i'm so just pissed. >> joining me now here in cleveland, the former defense intelligence director under president obama, lieutenant general michael flynn. general, good to have you here. you were angry, a lot of us were angry. what do we need to do to fight this? >> i'll tell you, i am -- i'm less angry and more resolved that we must beat these guys.
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there are so many things we're not doing, and probably the principle thing and i've been talking about this a long time. we have to discredit this ideology. but we have to get the muslim world and the leaders in the muslim world and frankly the leadership, and i put that in quotes, in iran to step up and be counted and say hey, we have a disease inside of our ideology -- >> but they haven't thus far, why? >> we haven't asked them or put any demands on them. we've used this soft power approach with a very -- a very weak strategic, or very weak strategy. it's very narrowly focused. >> so what are you saying? we need the carrot and the stick? >> we need a much bigger approach to what we're doing. a much bigger stick. and in terms of the carrot piece, i think that we probably have been giving too much of that. >> you think? >> absolutely. and there's been too much of that. i mean, these countries out there, they know. they know they have a problem, judge, and i will tell you that until we put more demands on them, i mean, who in the -- who
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in the world right now, who in that world has said anything about what happened recently in nice? >> you know what? general -- president el sisi is someone who wanted our help and president obama wouldn't give him the help. preferred the muslim brotherhood morsy. el sisi is someone interested in helping us. he went to the muslims, said -- to the -- >> i'm a big fan of president el sissi. president al sissi about a year and a half ago went to the al azar moss nic cairo and called his ideology out. the al azar mosque is sort of like the vatican of the muslim world, of the islamic world. he stands there and he says what do we expect of our -- of islam? to have 1.2 billion people kilt other 7 billion people on the planet? i mean, that's almost verbatim. and he -- >> right. >> we basically shunned him. instead of embracing that
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leader, we should have jumped on that statement that he made. and we have not. >> well, we haven't. the president now says he's sending, what a few hundred troops to -- is that going to help anything? what's that about? >> we're the best enemies in the world because we continue to telegraph what we're going to do. frankly, i don't know what the 500, the great, great 500. 25 i think is the number, men and women they're going to send there. what they're going to do, i don't know. i would suspect that they probably don't totally understand what it is that they're going to get themselves into. you know, two years ago we had 175. today we're almost up to 6,000. this trickle effect of sending forces to a very incoherent strategy is something that we've got to get fixed. and that to me is why i have been so adamant about what i've been saying publicly but also why i am so -- i have been attracted for over a year now to donald trump's message. it's so refreshing. because it's a sort of a tough
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diplomacy. it's a strong leadership and everybody thinks it's an isolationist. it's not. this is about global leadership by america, and putting our country, if we're strong, believe me the rest of the world can be strong. >> are we in a war now? >> absolutely. i mean, we have -- i write about this in this book i just put out. >> "field of fight." >> "field of fight." they have declared war on us. we're sort of dancing -- >> we're kind of dancing. >> we're dancing around because we don't want to say what exactly -- we don't want to define exactly what this enemy is. and in our government people aren't even allowed to say radical islam. so it's been excised from training. it's been excised from the conversations. >> it's been scrubbed from the -- >> it's really sad. >> where do we conduct the fight? where should this fight be conducted? >> the first part of the fight is really, again, to -- like we did against communism or like we did against the nazis, we must have a gigantic information campaign against it and discrediting this ideology.
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and this is where we've got to bring the arab world leaders in to join us to do this. they have to take a stand. they have to take a stand. otherwise, we have to make decisions about america to cut them off from certain aspects of aid, economic aid. so this is where we bring in our economic power. >> let me ask you one question. you're a tough guy. you're a strong man. you're about as knowledgeable as anyone on what's going on. are you scared? >> yeah. i tell people that -- that i don't scare easily, but this crowd scares me, because i know they have the intention, they have talked about using chemical, biological, dirty nuclear weapons. i mean, look at what they do. they run over children, women, people attending, you know, an independence day celebration. just because they hate us. just because they hate us. we will -- their view is to either enslave us, make us turn to their way of life, or kill us. >> kill us. >> that's it. >> all right. general mike flynn, "field of fight." great book. i got it. thanks for being with us.
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>> thanks. >> and terror attacks, coup attempts. how can the united states deal with a world on fire? former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton is here at the convention, and he's going to join me next, live. and later, pollster lee carter with a look at how this race could change this week and how the critical swing states will impact the election. "justice," live from cleveland, rolls on in a moment. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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breaking tonight, cleveland police on high alert ahead of the start of the republican national convention while protestors have already begun gathering here in cleveland. let's go to fox news correspondent mike tobin live outside the convention center with the latest. mike? >> reporter: and judge, we've been watching the city harden up. as you mentioned, we're just outside of a safe zone around the quicken loans arena. this town has become a maze for all of this nine-foot-high steel fencing that usually extends about as far as the eye can see. one more thing, a new addition in the last couple of days. that's all of this concrete jersey barrier that's gone in. obviously, you can't drive a car through that. now, some 400 police officers from across the nation took an
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oath to serve in cleveland today. and they're the first of what should be about three waves of police officers taking the oath to serve, to pitch in the effort, and that's in addition to some 3,000 or 4,000 federal employees and agents who are pitching in on the security effort. the demonstrations have already begun. we watched an organization calling themselves the coalition of the oppressed today marching through town. none of the demonstrations have been very big, but one of the prime speakers, malik shabazz, you may remember him from ferguson, he said today there's no way we'll get through this convention without some kind of violence. >> from what i know and many of the groups on the left, mostly the white left and others, i know for a fact there's going to be the blocking of highways and there's going to be arrests and, you know, there's going to be some things. not here. but it's going to go on next week. it's highly likely there will be a lot of arrests. there will be tear gas. it's going to be happening. it will be happening here.
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>> reporter: the courts are going to be open for 20 hours at a crack to handle all the arrests. the police have purchased 10,000 pairs of flex cuffs. police, seen them around time, the mayor says they're going to maintain a soft profile. basic police uniforms and duty belts. the 2,000 sets of riot gear that have been purchased won't come out until the situation gets bad. judge? >> mike tobin, thanks so much. and with me now former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor john bolton. good evening, ambassador. so much to talk about. you almost don't know where to start, but i do want to start with nice. you know, this is france, three times. they had "charlie hebdo," the bataclans, and now nice. why is this happening in france? what is unique about france? why france as opposed to the other countries? >> well, i think between france and belgium they are magnets for people from the middle east
9:22 pm
speaking french, former french colonies, and i think they're particularly vulnerable. i was in paris the weekend before the attack on nice. there were armed uniformed military all over the center of paris. apparently not in nice and some of the other cities. and just revealed earlier this week to show what the mentality of the french government is, testimony about the torture that the victims of the bataclan killings suffered before they died that the -- you that can't even repeat on this newscast, that the french government suppressed. not telling, not treating the citizens of france like adults to let them know what criminals these terrorists are. >> why? why? why? >> i think because they share -- the president francois hollande shares with president obama a fear that when people learn the real terrorist threat, in their mind, we were overreact. meaning we'll defend ourselves. >> what's interesting is president hollande today said he was going to go on the offensive. >> i think after three devastating attacks like he
9:23 pm
suffered, a politician who faces re-election next year has begun to get the message. that hasn't seeped into the white house yet. >> all right. talk about turkey. so much going on. why is turkey important to the united states? >> well, as a nato ally, it's often said it's a bridge between europe and the middle east. certainly because of its geography. >> right. >> controlling the bosphorus and the dardanelles, the passage out of t of the black sea. key important country in the cold war to stop russian expansionism. and given what has happened in this coup, i think we have passed potentially a very historic moment here. the end of the century-long effort to create a secular turkish state may be over. >> erdogan, the attempt of course by the military to throw him out of office while he was on vacation. >> right. >> that didn't work. several people dead. 1,400 people injured or arrested. but was turkey ever the friend that we needed, and wasn't part of the problem that erdogan was
9:24 pm
going more toward the muslim or the islamic radicals? >> precisely. the turkish state that we made a nato ally was the outcome of the country that rose out of the ashes of the ottoman empire after world war i. mustafa kamal wanted a european-oriented secular -- muslim but semilar government. no established religion. he abolished the last caliphate. that's why ice rhys so intent on cathy another one. mustafa said if we couldn't break free of this islamic hold we would never make turkey a modern country. so for 100 years the military was the guarantee against establishing islam as the state religion. erdogan has been clearing that away. so i believe this coup was kind of a last-ditch, last-gasp effort by the pro-secular military forces. it's been crushed. there's no doubt about it. >> what's interesting, ambassador, is that it worked in egypt where the egyptians said no, we don't want the muslim
9:25 pm
brotherhood, we don't want to go radical islam. but the same thing. the military coup didn't work in turkey. >> it's a very important comparison because for the past ten years or more erdogan has been systematically purging the upper reaches of the turkish military, of pro-secular generals and admirals. he's put in personal loyalists and islamists. he's done one other thing. he's been purging the judiciary, which was kind of a co-guarantor of the secular nature of the state. and i'll just give you a small example today. in new york the u.n. security council was considering a presidential statement it's called by the president of the security council supporting the erdogan government. blocked by egypt. which said you cannot say that the erdogan government is democratic. >> ah. >> but the el sisi government in egypt, picking up exactly on your point. sees what's happening. i think this is a very disturbing moment for the united states. it could mean the loss of turkey
9:26 pm
as an ally. i think erdogan will use the failed coup now as an excuse to crack down. he's arrested thousands of people already. power was turned off at an important u.s. air base in turkey. >> what about our base? is that -- >> that was our base. >> our base? >> exactly. erdogan is also demanding in effect the extradition of -- >> that cleric in pennsylvania. >> fethullah gulen. yes. >> we're running up against a break here. but is that going to happen? >> well, we need to know whether in fact gulen had involvement in this. we have u.s. laws against that sort of thing. >> extradition. >> but on the other hand, i think if he's extradited he'll never see the light of day again. so we have to be very careful about bowing to erdogan's demand here. >> well, he certainly is going to be acting quite differently now. he doesn't need to be as moderate as he was. >> it's very disturbing. you can't really calculate just how bad this is at the moment. >> ambassador bolton, thank you so much. >> glad to be with you. >> all right. and we're live in cleveland straight through until 11:00
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tonight. my political panel is standing by to handicap the race and how what happens here over the next few days could change the landscape. don't go away. could happen could change the landscape.
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♪ ♪ (whispers rocket) live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. a sense of calm is returning to turkey in the wake of friday's failed coup. but tensions between turkey and the u.s. are heating up. turkey wants this man, a muslim cleric, extradited. it claims he directed the coup from exile in pennsylvania. a charge he denies. secretary of state john kerry says turkey has not yet filed a formal extradition request. >> obviously, we invite the government of turkey, as we always do, to present us with any legitimate evidence that stands -- withstands scrutiny. and the united states will accept that and look at it and
9:32 pm
make judgments about it appropriately. >> turkey's president raising the prospects of a prolonged closure for u.s. air operations at incirlik air base. that's where u.s. missions against isis take off from. i'm jackie ibanez. back to "justice." welcome back to this special two-hour "justice," live from cleveland. a big day today for the gop ticket as donald trump and his vp pick mike pence appear together today for the first time. joining me now to break it all down, my all-star panel. democratic strategist aliki khan and republican strategist boris epstein. and guys, i don't think i even have to ask you this. start with you, though. good pick? >> i mean, if you're a republican, maybe. i think he's red meat for the democrats just because he represents a lot of the social issues that republicans were fighting for two decades ago pi
9:33 pm
and i think the republican party's been trying to be more inclusive, more fair-minded more 21st century and you have a man who doesn't believe that smoking kills. you have a man who thinks that volcanoes cause global warming -- >> where do you pick these facts up from? >> yeah. from elizabeth warren and hillary clinton -- >> speaking of elizabeth warren, look, elizabeth warren comes out and says there are two small insecure weak men who use hate and fear to divide the country. i mean, who -- she doesn't sound too sweet herself. does she? >> she's an unhinged liar. right? >> oh, liar. >> unhinged liar. >> can i tell you something, folks? just for the viewers. this is going to be a campaign like we've never seen before. but go ahead, boris. >> unhinged liar. pence is someone when he came in unemployment in indiana was over 8%, now under 5%. 150,000 jobs. created -- >> you don't even have to give me numbers. the guy's got a $2 billion surplus. come. >> don't forget, talk about the economy. what happened after the iraq war?
9:34 pm
he was the biggest advocate -- >> what about the 2 billion? >> that's great but he also -- >> that's great? we're in a hole. >> he voted for the iraq war. he was the biggest proponent for the iraq war, for the weapons of mass destruction -- >> so did hillary clinton. >> should i wasn't a proponent. >> she's not a hillary clinton supporter yet. or is she? nobody knows. ask a bernie person about hillary clinton. >> i support moving the democratic party in a progressive direction. >> that's a ringing endorsement of hillary clinton. >> you can't criticize when your own party is supporting a woman who voted for the war too. but let's get back to brass tacks here. what is this campaign going to be like? is elizabeth warren going to be the pit bull? is l. she be the vp candidate? >> i don't think she will be the vp candidate. i think she'll be the new bernie sanders of the democratic party -- >> why is that? bernie is -- >> bernie sanders is out. >> a next generation. going to be a progressive. >> let her finish. >> stop. wa are you, like 85?
9:35 pm
>> she's 25. he's 74. >> she's a pitbull. i think she's going to be taking a progressive message out there to our base, that hillary clinton can't while she's trying to attract the more moderate, even conservative base by showing up on shows on fox news, talking about things like radical jihadism. >> that's very interesting. that's a very good point. let's talk about the world today. coup in turkey. attempted coup. it failed. the world's a mess. can we blame hillary for this? >> absolutely. when hillary came in under her watch isis has been born. the middle east has blown up under her watch. our relations with china and russia have gotten worse. our standing in the world and more importantly our safety in the world has gotten much weaker since she was secretary of state. >> what do you attribute that? >> she doesn't have a leg to stand on. >> you can't blame what happened in turkey on hillary clinton. you can't blame everything in the world on hillary clinton. what i want to know -- >> how about benghazi? can we blame benghazi on her? >> blame the security situation. the fact the state department
9:36 pm
probably had some security measures they needed to work on. communications -- >> but she ran the state department. >> she did but there's other institutional issues. you can't change the -- >> she didn't meet the standards. no institutional issues. >> with that said, and i worked in libya, with that said i don't see what donald trump will do as a foreign policy -- he doesn't know -- he doesn't know who foreign officials are. he doesn't know how countries -- >> that is such an old line -- >> but it's a very fair line. he was asked while brexit was happening what it was and he didn't know. >> he absolutely knew. he said they were going to leaven the eu. >> to be fair, no one expects him to know about the world as she did. she was privy to classified information she just threw all over the place. that's another issue. just like she doesn't know about real estate and building a business. but my question is she's already been there. >> and failed. >> is it a better place? >> it is. especially when you're in such difficult times. she has relationships all over
9:37 pm
the world. >> she takes money from countries. >> so does donald trump. donald trump sets realize up all over the country. all over the world. >> she would not take money from foreign governments they've taken millions and millions. over $20 million -- >> and then forgot to disclose it. >> didn't disclose it. four years of tax returns -- >> she was not running the foundation. she was running the state department. >> her husband was running it, while she was running the state department. >> i understand what you're trying to say. you want to criticize hillary clinton. but i still don't know what donald trump is going to do to solve these problems. >> donald trump is going to revamp the immigration system in america. >> how's it going to solve egypt? >> he's going to work with egypt, make sure -- >> how? >> -- not to support leaders to overthrow leaders in egypt -- >> they're having a coup of their own. >> not egypt. turkey. >> egypt had a coup. >> and they won. >> under the watch of hillary clinton -- >> and they wanted our help. and under hillary and obama they insisted on giving the abrams tanks and what is it, the other planes to morsy.
9:38 pm
>> now morsy's in jail. egypt is a disaster. syria's a disaster. libya's a disaster. >> turkey is now going -- >> what is trump going to do in turkey? >> hillary clinton who has already failed as secretary of state be president? >> let me ask you a question. would you invest your money in a failed bank or try a new bank? >> that's a great question. what about -- first thing, i don't invest money in banks. i invest money in people. but the reality here is that you wouldn't invest your money in somebody with absolutely no foreign policy experience, who shoots from the -- >> mike pence was head of the armed services committee. well respected. >> well respected within the republican party. it's not just that he voted for the iraq war. he was the biggest proponent for the weapons of mass destruction. he was the mouthpiece -- >> how was he bigger than everybody else? everybody said -- >> he was the number one mouthpiece. >> what was teddy roosevelt's foreign policy experience? we've had a lot of presidents be unbelievable successful who
9:39 pm
haven't been secretaries of state before. that's not a prerequisite. and being a failed secretary of state should be a disqualifier. if you fail as secretary of state you should not be allowed to be president. especially -- >> if you fail at business you shouldn't be allowed -- >> fail at business? he didn't fail. he made a lot of money. >> to be hurt through your e-mail. we all know about that. >> still fighting as we go away. thanks. and we'll see you back in the next hour. back in a couple minutes. why in the next hour? are conservatives ready to rally behind a nominee here in cleveland this week? go pac chair david duvel is here to talk about it. and next, convention bumps, swing states. i'm talking about all of it with our pollster lee carter. straight ahead. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry,
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with the republican national convention just about a day away, the polls show a tight race shaping up between donald trump and hillary clinton. especially in many of the vital swing states. joining me now to break it all down, republican pollster lee carter. let me start, before we get into the swing states, what did mike pence add to donald trump in terms of the electorate? >> i think what he added is he shored up the conservative base now. i think there was a lot of question whether or not true conservatives are going to vote for donald trump. i think he gave him that. i think some states that have traditionally gone to the gop, the true red states, what people are questioning, i think are now more likely to go to donald trump. i think that's really what he was after. >> all right. let's talk about the swing states. and the talk now is that things are starting to even up in pennsylvania and ohio and florida.
9:45 pm
donald had a couple tough weeks there. but in those swing states that we see in nevada, colorado, iowa, ohio, virginia, florida, new hampshire, what is happening in those states? >> i think things are tightening up. what i'm seeing is the trends are going a little toward donald trump and away from hillary clinton. so i think there's certain states we're looking at like virginia and colorado that we're seeing hillary's having good poll numbers but i'm not as concerned about those. the most important thing to watch for donald trump right now is florida. he cannot win without florida. i think in every model we've tested there's only 6% or 7% of the time he can win the electoral college if he doesn't win florida. so that's where i'd be focusing most of my attention. >> okay. >> the other thing i'd be -- go ahead. >> no, you go. >> the other thing i'm looking at is the independent voters and undecideds. in many polls we still have 19%
9:46 pm
of undecided voters at this point. and undecideds and independents depending on the state certain states like virginia they seem to be breaking for donald trump which is really interesting. we need to keep our eyes on those numbers as well. >> and are some of those numbers due to the issue with, you know, manufacturing, coal workers and hillary basically saying she -- you know, they would all be out of work. those states of pennsylvania and where else? what other swing state might be involved in that? >> i think ohio is also going to be a big state where jobs are an issue. kentucky -- if you look at the rust belt and you look at the midwest you're going to see a lot of states that their primary concern is the economy and jobs and that's where donald trump does very, very well and hillary clinton should be very concerned because whether or not a lot of people are talking about how tech folks aren't going for donald trump and tech is where jobs are coming from, we need to bring jobs back here and we need to find ways to do that and donald trump is speaking to that. bringing people to his side. polling numbers people most
9:47 pm
concerned about jobs and the economy, do go to donald trump. >> and mike pence i think solidifies that. but let me go back a little bit in time. the number was very high when jim comey came out and said, you know, there's no basis, no reasonable prosecutor that would bring charges or indict hillary. that didn't go over too well with the electorate. how has that affected her numbers? >> that has not -- that did not do well for hillary clinton. i don't think we've seen the end of that. fully 92% of the population right now of voting americans believe that hillary clinton either did something criminal or did something extremely careless and wrong. and that really goes to her judgment and that's going to have a huge impact. and i think that three weeks ago, four weeks ago we were seeing that she was ahead in the polls by seven points, five points, and now in nationwide polls you're seeing it 40-40, neck and neck. and i think that's really a result of that. we also haven't seen fully the impact of the most recent events, whether the dallas shootings, the horrible incidents in nice, france, and seeing now what's happening in
9:48 pm
turkey. i think all of those issues are likely to play against hillary clinton as well. >> all right. lee carter, thanks for being with us tonight. >> anytime. and scott baio is still ahead in our second hour tonight. and next, go pac chairman david avela. we're live in cleveland. stay close. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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welcome back to "justice" life from cleveland where the countdown is on for the start of the republican national convention. joining me to weigh in on all the latest developments, republican strategist david avella. i assume everyone's happy with mike pence. >> we are. in fact, i've got my speech ready for when i deliver it monday afternoon before the delegates to the convention. then i'm going to come down and stand besides you so we can wave our make america great signs in unison. >> you know what, it would be great if we could as a country be more united than we are right now, and what's interesting is that after what happened in
9:53 pm
nice, i think more and more americans are thinking about the fact that terrorism might affect not just us over here but someone in their family. how does that play into the party and the candidate? >> you hit on a very important point for this election. every week when there is a new attack, it makes voters think more and more about their personal security, and recently, pew research that has been tracking this well before 9/11 came out with its newest findings that 51% of americans now think they or a member of their family will be a victim of terrorism. as those numbers stay that high or hopefully they don't, but could get higher, it only makes foreign policy and terrorism more of an issue and on this issue, look, there couldn't be a bigger difference. you have hillary clinton who allowed four americans to die in
9:54 pm
benghazi and who was part of every major foreign policy decision that has helped get us to this point, where we are in the fight on terrorism, versus donald trump who says we are going to close down our borders to make sure we know who's coming in here, we are going to get out people who have committed crimes and want to do harm to america, get them out, and we are going to get tough on terrorists. now, that's a pretty easy choice for most americans about who they're going to vote for. >> you know what, so many americans, and i don't have the numbers right now, she is seen as someone who has better numbers on foreign policy. i don't quite understand that but let me pose this question to you. after nice, hillary clinton comes out and she says we need to, you know, get more intelligence. that was her response to nice. >> certainly we need to get more
9:55 pm
intelligence but we also need to get tough on the folks who are actually committing the attacks and intelligence helps with that. there's no question about that. but you know, she was in charge of the state department. why did we not use the state department, working with the cia to beef up our intelligence? why was she not going to the president and asking for more money to help beef up the intelligence? look, as we just talked about, she has been part of and helped put us on the current track that we're on. so for her now to have these new ideas is somewhat disingenuous and it also goes to why people don't trust her. >> and finally, donald trump speaking at the convention obviously and the family. what do you think the numbers are going to be? is it going to be good for republicans and for the television stations? >> donald trump is going to get the highest ratings for a speech of a presidential nominee in
9:56 pm
history. love him or hate him, people tune in to what he has to say. it is going to be a good night for television. it's going to be a good night for ratings. and it's going to be interesting. >> it sure is. thank you, david. that's it for this first hour of our special two-hour edition of "justice" but don't think about going anywhere. scott baio, one of the names on deck. second jam-packed hour starts in a few moments.
9:57 pm
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(vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. breaking tonight, we're live in cleveland as the grand old party gets ready for a big old party to nominate donald trump as its choice for president. hello. welcome to the second hour of this special edition of "justice" live from cleveland. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. as donald trump prepares to accept the republican nomination for president here, the issue of foreign policy and protecting america's borders is front and center. another attack in france only has america more on edge as we prepare the person who will try to keep us safe. joining me now, counterterrorism expert dr. sebastian gorka. good


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